Unique Review Course for Internal Medicine
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Here's what people have been saying about Unique Review Course
"I passed! I passed!! I cannot thank you enough for helping me pass the IM Boards the first time I took them. I truly believe that it is because of your focused material that I am now Board Certified."
" I want to thank you so much for a very informative and strategic course on How to pass the Internal Medicine Boards. The name of your course describes your course and your teaching style is Unique."
"The course is very unique, focused and board orientated. Dr Dhalla's diligence, profound knowledge in Internal Medicine and conscientiousness makes it possible to review so much information in 6 days. Anyone who can understand and memorize most of this review will certainly pass the Board."
“You have presented and unprecedented and simply amazing review of medicine. I now feel better prepared for the Boards and everyday practice.”
“This is the best, most focused, most useful teaching program not only for the boards but also for the practice that I have ever reviewed or attended. The clarity, simplicity and information are truly amazing.”
"It is my pleasure to let you know that I have passed my Boards. Thank you for your concise course and the profound sense of confidence you have given me, I hope you are well and continue to teach as long as you live
“Thanks for making the Boards in Internal Medicine so easy and painless.”
“Concise and strictly Board oriented, it gives you confidence for passing the examination.”
“Very precise, accurate, and Board oriented with good slides & reading material.”
“This is the best Board Review Course that I have attended. The superfluous has been eliminated and it is focused for passing the IM Board! Thank you for caring!”
“Captivating…will definitely help in the Boards and the practice of medicine.”
“Review course most focused for ABIM point of view…Excellent review.”
"It is truly 'unique' as its name goes. It focuses on pinpoint things which are
essential for the Board preparation and eliminates all unwanted things. Thank you Dr. Dhalla for your 'unique' coaching style."
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